Time has always been a fundamental component of our life.

It was the latent and natural heartbeat which guided us like an invisible stream.
However, nowadays time has become more than just a neutral element -
it's meaning shifted towards an universal rule which dominates our minds in an almost apodictic manner.

Living in a diverse and digital society makes us somewhat
impossible to find a clear relationship between human beings and time.
Every second seems to be so precious that we have been rushed to fill it up with a presumed duty.

Concept of TIMON is pure and simple:
Liberation from the tyranny of time.

Wooden ball rolls down a slope in an incredible slow habit and disrupts
our memory of the fourth dimension while denying physical laws.
It's movement creates somehow a nostalgic and analogical scene beyond our imagination.
TIMON offers a lifestyle in which we would rediscover the new value of time.